Car Insurance SR22


What is an SR22?

The purpose of an SR22 car insurance filing is to monitor and ensure that a driver maintains auto insurance coverage for a period of up to three years. Then it is up to you to make sure you never have Car Insurance Cancelled for Non Payment.

An SR22 is a proof of insurance certificate that is filed by an insurance company with the Department of Motor Vehicles upon insured request. SR22 filings are usually filed for up to three consecutive years.

If a driver is required to file an SR22, he or she must have their insurance company file the SR22 with the Department of Motor Vehicles as evidence that the driver has an active insurance policy in force.

If the insured does not pay the premiums required to keep their auto insurance policy active, the insurance company will cancel the insurance policy and in turn, will cancel the SR22 filing with the DMV.

An SR1P is similar to the SR22, however, the difference is that an SR1P is issued to vehicles with less than four wheels, such as a motorcycle.

When is an SR22 Required?

• Unsatisfied Judgments
• Major Convictions DUI
• License Suspensions or Revocations
• You have an excessive amount of points
• No insurance at the time of an accident.

How to get an SR22?

Now that you know what is an SR22 car insurance you need to find who offers the. Getting an SR22 does require searching around for an insurance company that will be able to supply you with one.

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