Car Insurance in Springfield Mass

Welcome to Springfield, Mass!

The home of fairly high car insurance rates.
We at Western Mass Auto Insurance are knowledgeable and experienced concerning car insurance in Springfield Mass and can help you get your best price.

Depending on what town you live in greatly determines your car insurance rate. Unfortunately Springfield, Mass is up there as far as car insurance rates are concerned.

Why the Higher Rates?

Places like Boston, Dorchester, Springfield, Worcester and other larger population areas in Massachusetts have the highest rates in the state. The insurance rates are partly effected by how many cars are in a given “territory”. For example, Springfield has 160,000+ cars – which represents a much greater chance to collide with one of them or have your vehicle stolen – compared to if you lived in Palmer, for instance, where there are maybe 5000 cars – it all makes sense.

In addition, stolen vehicle rates are much lower in the smaller towns than if you were to live in one of the many larger cities across the state.

Car Insurance in Springfield, Mass: Your Options

Concerning car insurance, there are many options for you in Springfield, Mass – we like to think that we are your best choice. We believe we are the best car insurance agency in the area.

At Western Mass Auto Insurance we offer great rates, low down payments, the best customer service and one stop shopping! Plates and insurance in just 15 minutes! All of our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in selling and servicing car insurance in the Springfield area.

Plus who would you rather service your concerns and car insurance needs? A large billion dollar, national company with call centers who could care less about your situation? Or a locally owned car insurance agency with a great reputation in the area?

Springfield Mass Car Insurance

Car insurance can be easy if you get hooked up with the right people. We make the quoting process painless, quick and simple. Plus when you come to our office you will be greeted by a friendly employee who will explain your insurance and billing so that you clearly understand what you are getting. Call us today for your free quote!

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