Car Insurance Payments

When Is My Car Insurance Payment Posted?

Western Mass Auto Insurance Office in Springfield, MA
Western Mass Auto Insurance Office in Springfield, MA

In most cases, the answer is that it is posted immediately. If you have a good agent – like Western Mass Auto Insurance it will be posted immediately. If you ever have a concern about your payment you should always follow up to be sure you never have your Car Insurance Cancelled for Non Payment.

It is always good to pay your insurance bill on or before your due date – then you will never have a problem. Just keep in touch with us if you are having a tough time paying the bill – the sooner you get with us the better I can assist you.

When you come into the office to pay your bill – we will give you a receipt and immediately electronically forward your money to the insurance company.

In addition, we have a printed receipt showing you came in and made the payment – so if there is any problem with the posting of your payment we have this proof.

We will do all we can to ensure that your payments are posted to the company immediately – we do not want you to cancel – we are on your side.

Non Payment Cancellations

If you are paying a nonpayment cancellation letter – then the payment must be made 1 day prior to the cancellation date.

If you read the cancellation notice carefully you will see that it cancels your insurance at 12:01 am the day listed on the letter.

That means that if you come in to pay the bill on the very last day – the day listed on the letter – your insurance is already canceled. So we must then call the company to be sure we can reinstate your coverage.

Any questions on this please call our office

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