Can I Let Anyone Drive My Car?


car coverage maWill Other Drivers Be Covered on My Car Insurance?

The answer? You cannot just let anyone drive your car. Call our office to discuss this and Car Insurance Springfield Ma.

Insurance rates are based on many things including the drivers listed to drive the vehicle. If you have car insurance – and you have a certain driving record – then your policy is based on your driving record.

However, if you decide to let your friend drive your car – they could have a worse driving record than you – or they could be a new driver – either way it would have made your insurance price higher – if they drive the car and get into an accident guess what?

The insurance company would most likely deny the claim based on a driver operating the vehicle who is not listed on the policy – especially if the price would have been higher with this driver.

It is never a good idea to let someone else drive your car.

Even if they have their own insurance – it is important for them to be added to your policy as what they call a “deferred operator” – this means they can be added to your insurance for no cost simply because they have their own active insurance.

What About an Emergency?

If you have an emergency – this is one area where sometimes the insurance company will accept someone driving your car when they are not listed as a driver. This is not a guarantee – but the insurance company will look at the specific situation and make their ruling.

If it was the first time ever, as a one-time only situation – for an emergency purpose – and that person has an accident while driving your car – then it is possible the insurance company may still pay the claim – it is up to the company itself.

Bottom line?

Can I let anyone drive my car? The answer, list anyone and everyone who will drive your car. It is the safest way to go.

Good luck!

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