November 2019

4 Car Safety Tips Every Teenager Should Know

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Finally getting a driver’s license is an exciting time for any teenager. It signals an age of independence and adulthood. However, with all that newfound freedom comes an increased risk of accidents and theft. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fatalities due to car accidents represent the leading […]

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

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Commercial auto insurance policies provide both liability and physical coverage for trucks, cars, and other types of vehicles used for business purposes. This type of policy covers medical expenses, repairs, and legal fees not included in personal auto insurance. Understanding the extent and importance of such policies is vital for small to medium-sized business owners […]

Speeding In Springfield: Understanding Traffic Violations in Massachusetts

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The drivers in Massachusetts are notorious for their fast driving, particularly in and around Springfield. However, that doesn’t mean that the state has lax speeding laws. In fact, Massachusetts is ranked ninth in Esurance’s list of top ten states that hand out the highest number of speeding tickets. So, you’ll do […]