Best Auto Insurance

nnhgWhat is the Best Auto Insurance?

The best auto insurance is available through Western Mass Auto Insurance. We can show you how to save on car insurance.

The best auto insurance is the insurance that you want and need. We will discuss your situation with you and tailor your auto insurance to exactly what you want.

We always give you the best price we have – based on your situation. We will also carefully explain your situation to you and answer any questions you have about your price.  You will always get the true scoop here.

Our companies of Mapfre/Commerce, Liberty Mutual, Hanover, Occidental and Progressive offer many different discounts and you will get any discount you are eligible for – that I can guarantee you.

But there are also other ways to save money on car insurance and here are some tips to help you do just that. How much does auto insurance cost in Massachusetts?

Very important – whenever you have an accident or get a ticket of some kind – if it is a “moving violation” – your car insurance rate will go up at your renewal! So if you want to save money the best way is to keep a clean driving record and you will pay less than $1000 a year for full coverage!

What Determines Your Auto Insurance Rate?

  • Your driving record
  • Where you live
  • How long you have been driving
  • What kind of coverage you get
  • What limits of coverage you get

The Golden Rule of the Best Auto Insurance:

NO SPEEDING! Just this alone stops accidents from happening and could save your life or the lives of others.

Take a Look at Some Other Money Saving Tips for Auto Insurance

  • Shop around and compare prices every year. But remember, there is more to shopping for car insurance than the price. You want to be sure you are with a top company with good rates, good customer service and good claims processing – both Commerce and Hanover fit this bill.
  • Get rid of the little extras like Towing and Car Rental – they are rarely used and when you do need them they are not expensive services. It’s up to you.
  • For Collision (Part 7) and Comprehensive (Part 9) – if you opt for higher deductibles you can lower your insurance premium. Consider a higher Collision deductible of $1000 – call our office to determine your savings.
  • Deductibles are the amount you would pay if you have an “incident”. With the higher deductible method, if you have an accident or are hit and run you would pay a little more out of pocket but your monthly premiums would be reduced. It is up to you.
  • If the car is over 7 years old or under $3000 in value, consider just getting Liability (state minimums or higher) plus Comprehensive (Part 9) – this will cover the car for stolen, vandalism, fire and glass. The value of the car may not justify getting the most expensive part – Collision.
  • If you have a teenage driver living in the household, limit their usage of your car and have them listed as an “Occasional” driver or if they do not drive the car you may “Exclude” them. This can greatly reduce your premiums.
  • For first time car buyers, it is a good idea to purchase a “beater” car and just get minimum liability (or higher limits) – then you can save money for a down payment on a nicer, newer vehicle.
  •  If your mileage is less than 7500 miles a year or even lower than 5000 a year you are entitled to a discount- usually up to 10%.
  •  If you are a New Driver – typically under 3 years, by attending Driving School you can receive a discount for the first 3 years you are licensed.
  • If you are an older driver 65+ you are eligible for an additional discount.
  • If you have AAA you may be eligible for a discount.
  • If you are a Military personnel or a College Student you may be eligible for further discounts.
  • Companies now offer Loyalty Discounts – where the longer you stay with them the greater the Loyalty Discount.
  • If you have a Renters, Homeowners or Condo policy you can bundle it with you auto policy for additional discounts.
  • If you have more than one car on your policy you are eligible for a multi-car discount – usually 8% – 10%.
  • Use your insurance company’s automatic debit program where they take your monthly payment directly from your bank account – this way you do not pay any monthly fees or interest.
  • Good Student Discount – ask your agent about this discount for your teen driver.
  • Accident Forgiveness – the insurance company does not charge you more for your first accident.

How Do You Know if You Have the Best Auto Insurance?

Read all the mail you get from your insurance company and know what coverage you have and what coverage you do not have BEFORE you have a claim!

Don’t hesitate to ask your agent if you are getting all the discounts you are eligible for.

That’s it for now! Call us today and let us show you how to save on your insurance needs.

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