Benefits of Getting Car Insurance With the Help of an Agent

Nowadays, everything can be bought online, including car insurance in Indian Orchard. However, does this mean you should buy it?

In our opinion, as long as you are dealing with a real car insurance agent, you are good to proceed.

So, let’s discuss buying car insurance directly vs. through an agent.

Captive Agent

This type of insurance agent belongs to a company and sells insurance policies under one brand name. There are multiple agents under one roof, and each one is assigned a couple of clients.

Independent Agent

This type of insurance agent works independently. They might work for a company, but they sell policies from different carriers. The client is basically working with a middleman.

Buying Direct

When you buy direct, no car insurance agent is involved in the process. All the information is available online. You simply fill out a form and receive a confirmation email about your policy.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance from an Insurance Agent

Save Time

Since you are talking to one car insurance agent, you are in touch with a one-stop insurance shop. You don’t have to attend multiple calls to talk about anything relating to your policy. You will have a single point of contact, and they will regularly update you about any changes in your policy.

Multi-Policy Discount

You get a discount when you buy multiple policies from one insurance agency. You can bundle your home, car, and business insurance policies. This is better than paying high premiums to companies that specialize in offering a single insurance policy.

Personalized Service

Most clients look for personalized service when buying insurance. They don’t want to chat with an AI agent giving automated answers. Picking up the phone and talking to a customer services representative increase customer satisfaction.

In their conversation with a customer representative, clients can ask questions about claims and policy renewal. In turn, the experience helps build a lasting relationship.

They Don’t Work on Commission

A captive agent does not work on commission. Their job does not depend on bringing in more clients but on quality clients who stay loyal to the agency. As a result, instead of forcing you to buy a certain policy, they have a chat with you to find out your needs and then design an insurance plan for you.

Buying car insurance in Indian Orchard is not a complicated process. Having a car insurance agent is the key to ensuring you understand all the insurance terms, coverage limits, and legal clauses. Your agent is an advisor, an advocate, and a lawyer, who will look out for your best interest. They will handle the unsatisfying and complex aspects of the policy on your behalf and provide valuable advice when necessary. Western Mass Auto Insurance offers free car insurance quotes in Indian Orchard to help you decide if the coverage you have come up with falls under your budget. You can ask our agent to customize a policy with add-ons based on your lifestyle. For more information, call (413) 543-3800.