Auto Insurance Tips For New Drivers

The countdown to getting your first car is extremely exciting! In fact, you’ve probably been dreaming about it since the day you turned sixteen. No matter how new or old your car is, it’s your car, and that makes it incredibly special.

You’ve probably heard people around you stress the importance of getting car insurance right after you clear your driving test, and we couldn’t agree more. You absolutely need to get the vehicle insured before you hit the road. But don’t make a hasty decision! Here are some essential points to note before getting your very first car insurance plan.

Invest In A Safe Car

As a young driver, you might be tempted to get the most affordable car available. Even if it’s a real beater, at least it works, right? But that thinking could cost you!

Buying a car that’s in poor condition and missing safety features like airbags and stability controls could lead to you being offered pricier car insurance. Insurance companies are more inclined to giving a good discount on safer, new car models. You don’t have to buy an expensive car, but try to steer clear of super cheap ones too!

Complete Driver’s Education Classes

Driving instructor and student in car

If you really want to save on auto insurance, take up driver’s education class. Not only will this help you hone your skills, but it will also help you save on insurance for the first three years!

You can opt for a driver’s education classes from any driving school with an RMV license. The driver’s education program consists of classroom instructions that familiarize drivers with road safety laws and regulations, and vehicular on-road instructions to help students perfect their driving.

Once you have your permit, it is advised to complete your driver’s ed course. Although it costs $700, you save money in the long run. Insurance companies provide discounts to new drivers who have completed their driver’s education program. You can save up to $170 a year for the first three years on your auto insurance.

Try To Find Affordable Insurance Companies

You might want to opt for big-name insurance companies for your very first auto insurance policy. However, the bigger the name, the heftier the price tag!

Try to find insurance companies that offer affordable insurance packages. If it’s a local company, the chances are that they’ll also provide special discounts for new drivers. And even if they don’t, you’ll find that their rates are comparatively lower than a larger insurance company’s.

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