Auto Insurance Quotes: A Primer

If you’re buying a car for the first time, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed looking at all the options available for auto insurance.
Insurance quotes help determine the level of coverage an auto insurance policy will offer and how much you should expect to pay. Before you request car insurance quotes in Indian Orchard, you must be aware of the legal requirements, specific terminologies, and factors that affect your insurance premium.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up everything that you need to know about auto insurance quotes.
The Basics of Auto Insurance Quotes
An insurance quote is an estimated amount that an insurance provider may charge you for an insurance policy, based on its coverage, your personal and financial information, and the model and condition of the car in case. Insurance quotes and their premiums can vary from one company to another, so it’s viable to gather several quotes before deciding to buy an auto insurance policy that suits your needs the best.
Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Quote
Insurance policy providers estimate auto insurance quotes and premiums for you based on the following factors:
Your Age
Younger drivers typically pay higher for insurance policies, because they tend to get involved in more accidents.
Your Gender
As per data, male drivers are involved in more road crashes than females. Therefore, male insurance holders are likely to receive pricier insurance quotes.
Your Credit History
Drivers with an excellent credit history tend to receive affordable insurance quotes, better coverage, and lower premiums than those with poor credit.
Your Driving Records

Image filename: at-fault-car-accident-and-traffic-police
Image alt-text: Traffic polices interrogating a driver involved in an at-fault car accident
Drivers with a poor history of traffic tickets and at-fault road crashes are a threat to other drivers’ safety, which is why they are charged higher insurance rates.
Your Location of Residence
If your area is notorious for car burglaries, break-in thefts, and road accidents, your insurance rate may be higher than drivers living in safer areas.
The Year, Model, and Make of Your Vehicle
If you own a luxury, sports, or electric car with advanced features, you may be charged a higher premium. That’s because maintenance, repairs, and parts replacement of these cars are more expensive than traditional cars.
The Annual Mileage for of Your Car (Not Applicable to New Cars)
The higher the mileage, the more you risk getting involved in a road crash and filing a claim. To offset the risk, policy providers charge higher rates for vehicles that are driven more.
The Types and Level of Coverage an Insurance Policy Offers
Drivers who own older cars are likely to purchase low-level coverages only to abide by the law. On the other hand, if you’re financing or leasing a new car, you’re likely to hold an insurance policy offering medium to high coverage and optional coverages for additional protection. The higher level of coverage, the more you’ll be charged for your insurance.
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