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Everything You Wanted to Know About Car and Home Insurance In Massachusetts


What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance in Massachusetts is an insurance product that covers you, other people, your passengers, other property and your vehicle. The individual pays for car insurance and it covers different things that can occur.

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

Car insurance in Massachusetts works by covering different things that can occur while you are driving and while you are parked. You pay an insurance premium to protect your vehicle, other persons vehicle, yourself, your passengers and other people in or out of Massachusetts.

How Easy is It to Get Car Insurance in Massachusetts?

It is very easy to purchase auto insurance in Massachusetts. Car insurance in Massachusetts is, for the most part, sold through local agencies. You can purchase this insurance online, in person or over the phone.

How Do I Save on Auto Insurance?

There are many ways to save on car insurance in Massachusetts. A good local agent can make sure you are getting all the discounts you are eligible for. Let’s look at a list of the many discounts available to you.

What factors Determine my Auto Insurance Price?

Your auto insurance price in Massachusetts is determined by many different factors including where you live, the type of car you drive, what kind of coverage you require, how long you have been driving and your 6 year driving record.

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

The Massachusetts auto policy consists of 12 different parts. Parts 1-4 are required by law and Parts 5-12 are optional. These parts are designed to cover Bodily Injury to you , others and passengers in your car. The parts also cover your vehicle as well as other vehicles depending who is at fault.

How Do I Get License Plates in Massachusetts?

License plates in Massachusetts are distributed through the Registry of Motor Vehicles which has offices scattered throughout the state. You can also get your license plates through certain select insurance agencies who participate in the Massachusetts EVR program.

How Do I File a Car Insurance Claim?

It is very easy in Massachusetts to file an auto insurance claim. You can file your claim directly to the insurance company on the phone or online. If you are involved in an incident be sure to contact your local agent or contact your insurance company directly. Call your agent to assist you.

What is a Deductible and How Do They Work?

Car insurance deductibles are the amount you are responsible for if you are involved in an incident with your vehicle. Deductibles only apply to Part 7 Collision and Part 9 Comprehensive. These are the only two parts out of the 12 parts that cover your car.

What Happens if My Policy Cancels?

If your car insurance cancels in Massachusetts contact your local agent for assistance. If it cancels because on non payment of your premium you may be able to get your car insurance reinstated as long as it is, typically, within 5-10 days of your cancellation.

Why Did My Car Insurance Price Go Up?

There are many reasons your car insurance price may go up. Sometimes it has to do with something you did and sometimes it has nothing to do with what you may or may not have done.

How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need?

How much car insurance you need in Massachusetts depends on your wants and needs. It is always best to get the most insurance you can safely afford. Getting higher Bodily Injury limits of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident is always the best route to take.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance?

This is a difficult question to answer because car insurance rates change all the time. But if you are always looking for the cheapest car insurance prices you may miss out on the many benefits a great local agent can offer in addition to short changing yourself on your insurance coverage’s.

Who Do I Have to List on My Car Insurance?

It is very important that you list any and all drivers who reside in your household as they all have the opportunity to drive your vehicle. Even if this person increases the price of your insurance it is better to have them listed, especially if they are involved in an accident or injure a pedestrian. You don’t want to pay for car insurance and have a claim denied simply because you didn’t list someone who drives your car.

What Are the Massachusetts Registry Fees?

The most common Registry fees in Massachusetts are $75 for a Title and $60 for a new Registration. There are also many other different registry fees . You can click on this link to view all the other fees.

How Much is Auto Insurance in Springfield, Massachusetts?

Car insurance quotes in Springfield, Mass are typically higher than in most of the surrounding areas of Western Mass. An important factor in determining car insurance rates is where you live, the population, how many cars are in the area and the local crime rates concerning vehicles. This is why Springfield, Mass auto insurance rates are higher than most of the surrounding areas.

How Do I Cancel My Car Insurance in Massachusetts?

There are two ways to cancel your car insurance in Massachusetts 1. Cancel your license plates as your plates control your insurance or get insurance at a different agency or company. Be sure to contact your existing insurance to let them know what you are doing.

How Do I Switch My Car Insurance to Massachusetts?

It is fairly easy to switch your car insurance to Massachusetts. First you must have a physical address in Massachusetts where you keep your vehicle, then you must purchase insurance in Massachusetts, then you must Register your car in Massachusetts. This involves purchasing a Massachusetts Title, Plates and Registration. Contact your local agent for assistance and pricing.

Can I Get Car Insurance if I Don’t have a Driver’s License?

In Massachusetts you can Register a vehicle and purchase car insurance even if you do not have a valid drivers license. If you have a learner’s permit or a Mass ID you can do this BUT you must have a listed driver on your policy and you will be excluded from operation the vehicle. I do not recommend you doing this and this is, unfortunately, an area of significant fraud in Massachusetts.

Does Car Insurance Cover if I Hit a Deer?

Yes, if you strike a Deer with your vehicle it is covered under Part 9 of the Massachusetts auto policy and your deductible applies. It is NOT considered a Collision under Part 7.

Does Car Insurance Cover Mechanical Repairs?

The Massachusetts Auto Policy is NOT designed to cover mechanical repairs to your vehicle, this is what a car warranty is designed for.

How Does Gap Insurance Work?

Gap Insurance is typically available on vehicles less that 5 years old and covers the “Gap” that is due to your Lienholder if you car is Totaled in an accident. The insurance company will pay out what they find to be the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle but in many cases what you owe to the bank for your car loan is more than this amount. The Gap insurance covers this difference to the bank.

How Much is a New Driver in Massachusetts?

The most expensive year in car insurance in Massachusetts is your very first year. If you can successfully keep your insurance going for the first year and not have it cancelled you can get a much better price in your second year of driving. be sure to find a local agent to assist you with this. In addition, for your first year purchase a “beater” car to get just liability insurance on rather than getting a newer car that requires full coverage as this wold be very expensive ie. $4000 to $5000 for the year.

How Do I Get my Driving Record?

You can obtain your Massachusetts driving record though the Registry of Motor Vehicles for $25, however you can also contact your local agent, who has access to the Registry, and receive a less detailed printout of your record.

How Long Does and Accident Stay on My Driving Record?

In Massachusetts, an incident on your driving record stays for 5 years.

How Do I Appeal Points on My Driving Record in Massachusetts?

If you feel you should not have received points on your driving record you can always appeal the incident. You would send in $50 to the Registry and request a hearing. At this hearing, which could be 6-8 months off, you would get the chance to explain why you believe you were not at fault. If you win your case the points would be removed from you record and any insurance company that raised your price because of these points would have to refund you this money.

Does My Car Insurance Cover My Rental car?

The easy answer to this is Yes your existing coverage on your Massachusetts auto insurance policy would carry over to your rental car however there are certain other factors to consider. Please contact your local, knowledgeable insurance agent to discuss this.

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