Auto Insurance and COVID-19: Should You Switch To A Low Coverage Policy?

We’ve been restricted to our homes for quite some time ever since the coronavirus outbreak. Though the lockdown is beginning to ease now, the fair of coronavirus still prevails.
Everyone is striving to embrace the new normal while trying to figure out how life will look in the next few months. Are we going to wear masks forever? Will the home rental rates decline because of lower incomes? And at Western Mass Auto Insurance, we’ve been asked this one question quite frequently in the past few months: How will this pandemic affect my auto insurance policy and rates?
In this blog, we’ve answered all your concerns about the potential impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on your auto insurance.
I’m not driving my car every day anymore. Should I cancel my auto insurance until the situation gets better?
Though the coronavirus has put certain aspects of our life on hold, potential accidents and disasters are still possible.
You must be driving a lot less frequently than you in the pre-pandemic days, but it’s critical to ensure financial safety as much as possible while on the roads or in the driveway. You may think of switching to a lower level of coverage to cut down on your monthly insurance payments. But we recommend our clients to hold a policy that offers medium to high coverage. Minimum required coverage may look like a cost-effective option in the short run, but it can cost you significantly higher than your expectations.
Our lives are already clouded with uncertainties right now, and you don’t want any additional liabilities and expenses to make it worse.
But I’m not driving my car—like at all. It’s basically stored in the garage. In this case, can I go for lower coverage?
While we advise against opting for a low coverage auto insurance policy, it’s okay to stick to comprehensive coverage if you’re not even driving your car to the nearest grocery store.
That being said, we can help you find car insurance quotes in Indian Orchard at extremely affordable rates and with low down payments from the top insurance companies, so you don’t have to go cut down on the coverage.
There are insurance companies that are offering medium to high coverages at reduced premiums and with money-back policies, to help customers during the tough times. We recommend talking to your provider for any specific changes and ease in policies.
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