How to Appeal a Surcharge on Your Driving Record


You Do Have Recourse

If you had an accident and the insurance company said it was your fault – but you believe it was not your fault – you have the ability to appeal the state’s decision. You can appeal a surcharge on your driving record in Mass.

The Massachusetts Safe Driver Insurance Plan – the SDIP – helps encourage safer driving by rewarding those who keep clean driving records and issuing surcharge points to those who cause automobile accidents and/or receive moving violations.

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While higher prices are often an effective way to discourage unsafe driving, insurers sometimes wrongly apply a surcharge to a person’s policy. As a result, the state has set up an appeals process that drivers in the state can use to contest surcharges.

You can call the DOI at 1-617-521-7478 to begin the appeals process.

Also go to This Link for questions and answers about the appeals process.

Why Did I Get Points?

If you are issued a surcharge, it’s typically because:

  • You were believed to be at least 50 percent at fault for an accident
  • You filed a claim with damages of more than $500
  • Your actions in an accident fell under one of the Massachusetts Standards of Fault.

In order to fight a surcharge, you need to mail an appeal form and $50 to:

Board of Appeal
Division of Insurance
1000 Washington St, Suite 810
Boston, MA 02118-6200
Phone (617) 521-7478
Fax (617) 521-7772

After the necessary forms have been received, the Board will schedule a hearing and inform you.

You will then have the opportunity to make your case either in person or through a written statement.


Fewer residents are taking appeals action because of the filing fees and court costs that are associated with fighting a charge. Drivers need to pay a fee of $25 to fight a moving violation, or $50 for an accident. Court costs and other legal fees, however, could end up costing much more.

Unfortunately, many motorists may not be entirely aware of their odds of winning their case. According to the Board of Appeal, more than half of the cases that are seen by the board come out in favor of the motorist. By simply taking the time to object to your price increases, and appeal a surcharge on your driving record in Mass you may be able to prevent your premiums from going up.

Good luck with this.

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