An Insurance Checklist For The End Of The Year

Winter’s here, and that means so is holiday season. While you’re busy navigating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you won’t even notice New Year’s Eve creeping up on you! And although the promise of a new, more pleasant year is lovely, it’s crucial to get a head start on your finances!

Homeowners insurance and auto insurance are non-negotiable if you want to live a financially sound and safe life. That’s why you need to ensure your policy is up to spec before starting the new year. Here are the top three areas you need to account for on your end-of-year insurance checklist!

Home Insurance

There are a lot of elements of your home that could have changed in the year. It’s a good idea to sit down with your insurance agent and go over any changes that have been made.

Home renovations and expansions need to be communicated to your insurance agent. If you have added square footage to your home or added amenities that increase property value, it all needs to be accounted for. Additionally, go through your insurance policy to ensure your home is covered for any future changes you might want to implement.

Auto Insurance

Car insurance paperwork.

Maybe you’d like to upgrade or maybe you want to go over all the people insured under your plan. It would be best to get these issues sorted beforehand!

Your insurance agent is there to make sure you get the best deals possible. You might find discounts near the holiday season, so make sure to inquire about them to save up on your insurance plan.

Another essential thing to go over is policies that allow your children to avail your insurance. Make sure to check whether the policy still applies when your children are above 18 or graduating from college!

Prep For The Future

Looking at your finances can help you shape your future. It puts everything into perspective with regard to what insurance you need moving forward.

If you have the same company insuring both your home and car, ask them if it’s possible to get a combined deal. And while you have some time with your insurance dealer, ask them about other ways to save in the future. Maybe you can discuss special coverages or upgrades you could get by making better financial decisions in the future.

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