All You Need to Know About Commercial Truck Insurance

Both automobiles and trucks can be considered as commercial vehicles, making them eligible for commercial vehicle insurance. So, how is commercial truck insurance different from a regular commercial auto insurance policy?

Commercial Truck Insurance: How Is It Different?

Think of it this way: driving a van or a car is vastly different from driving a truck. The latter typically involves tasks such as hauling heavy loads across state borders. Drivers usually operate the vehicle for long hours, transporting large amounts of goods and merchandise. You won’t see people driving large trucks for their day-to-day errands. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck drivers to have set minimum truck insurance before they get behind the wheel.

A standard commercial vehicle insurance policy just doesn’t cut it. Maneuvering a truck puts the vehicle as well as the driver at different risks than driving a car does. Using the same policy that’s used for commercial automobiles and vans will result in truck drivers being grossly under-insured and susceptible to financial crises.

Coverage Provided By Commercial Truck Insurance

When you get a standard commercial truck insurance policy, you get coverage for:

  • Damaged commodities
  • Damaged property
  • False advertising
  • Auto accidents caused by the driver
  • Bodily injuries caused to other drivers or pedestrians

Standard commercial truck insurance (aka general liability insurance) typically does not include:

  • Driver injuries
  • Vehicle damage
  • Loss of income, product, or cargo
  • Coverage for vehicles that aren’t trucks including passenger vans, buses, &ice cream trucks

All You Need to Know About Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance (general liability insurance) doesn’t cover everything a standard commercial vehicle insurance policy does. The main objective here is to cover the cost of damage caused to others because of your vehicle. The policy has an edge over standard commercial insurance policy in this regard and helps companies deflect lawsuits and slander. That said, you can choose a different truck insurance policy that covers the vehicle damages and driver injuries as well.

Types of Truck Insurance

There are different types of truck insurance. These include:

General Liability Truck Insurance: This pays for the damage caused by your vehicle to someone else’s property or vehicle. It also covers damages caused to your property.

Primary Liability Insurance: This protects the truck driver and covers the cost of damages caused to the contents of the truck.

Physical Damage Coverage: This covers the cost of physical damage sustained by the vehicle.

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