ADA Compliance

Ensuring ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is a landmark piece of legislation that prevents discrimination against individuals with disabilities. The bill has had a substantial impact on the legal and regulatory environment across multiple industries, with insurance being no exception.

Here at Western Mass Auto Insurance, our coverage policies and services remain in full compliance with the ADA. We strive to ensure that our customers, regardless of ability, have a smooth and hassle-free insurance shopping experience.

ADA Compliance in Auto Insurance

According to the ADA, insurance firms are prohibited from underwriting, classifying, or administering risks that are inconsistent with State law regarding disability rights. At Western Mass Auto Insurance, our mission is to provide efficient and affordable insurance services to all our valued customers.

As long as you have all the right documents and are medically cleared to drive, we can make the auto insurance process as simple as possible. Our insurance also covers any special vehicle modifications made for disabled drivers, such as wheelchair ramps, amputee swings, custom hand controls, and siren detectors for the hearing impaired.

Mobility-enhancing modifications enhance your vehicle’s value, and we strive to provide fair coverage so you can be adequately reimbursed in the event of an accident.

ADA Compliance in Home Insurance

As a leading insurance firm in the Western Mass area, we’re dedicated to engaging in community efforts and local initiatives. In line with the Massachusetts Disability Law Center’s development goals, we aim to increase awareness about the housing rights of people with disabilities.

Whether you own a home or are planning to rent a place, we offer low-cost insurance rates to our customers. If you’re looking to make changes or accommodations to the property, discuss your options with our insurance experts and decide on a plan that works best for you!

About Western Mass Auto Insurance

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If you have any queries and concerns about the process, feel free to hit us up, and we’d be happy to help! At our two convenient locations, anyone and everyone is welcome; our Springfield office in Forest Park is fully wheelchair accessible. We offer services throughout the Northampton Area, including in Easthampton and Southampton.

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