A Complete Massachusetts Auto Insurance Guide

Car usage has significantly increased in recent decades. A glance at Chicago’s streets or New York’s overwhelming traffic will give you a great idea of how important transport is to our lives. 

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade (UNCTAD), global factors play a pivotal role in the possession of private cars: improved living standards, greater productivity, surplus technical resources, urbanization, and a luxury-oriented life all contribute.

However, this has also led to more road accidents, which lead to loss of life, injuries, and property damage. 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology states that 53,000 Americans prematurely lose their lives every year due to car accidents. Therefore, the Triple I (Insurance Information Institute) and NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) have made it mandatory for all automobile owners to purchase auto insurance to protect their vehicles and the people within them.

Every state has a mandate for insurance options and regulations for compliance, as does Massachusetts. If you’re planning to insure your vehicle in Massachusetts, there are some essential steps you need to take before you contact your local auto insurance agents.

Here’s a checklist:

Study Driving Laws

It’s essential to go through the laws pertaining to operating a vehicle in Massachusetts.  Driving laws and car insurance terms change frequently. Therefore, you must stay up-to-date regarding any changes that occur in policies. 

There have been two recent driving law changes enacted by the Massachusetts government that massively impact a person’s auto insurance policy. The recent changes prohibit all text-based cellphone usage while driving. This law also includes the prohibition of hand-held or hands-free cellphones. 

Additionally, all drivers are required to use a child safety seat for children 5 to 7, until their height reaches 4’9”.

Learn About the Required Coverage

Despite the difference in mandates, most state insurance includes basic coverage policies. Massachusetts law requires drivers and car owners to purchase specific auto coverage and required limits to register and drive in Massachusetts. 

The required auto insurance coverage includes physical injury to others, personal injury protection, bodily injury caused by an uninsured vehicle, damage caused to someone else’s vehicle. The minimum limits on each coverage range from $5,000 to $40,000

Choose the Appropriate Car Coverage

Apart from basic coverage regulations, Massachusetts law dictates that all drivers choose the appropriate coverage according to their vehicle’s type and value. There are always risks of certain coverage types and minimum limits not being enough to pay for expenses. However, the good news is that you can always increase them according to your needs.

There are six different coverage types in auto insurance that you can choose from. These include Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/Medical Payments, Bodily Injury Liability Property Damage Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage. 

Compare Discounts and Benefits

When you’re ready to purchase auto insurance after getting familiar with laws and choosing the appropriate coverage, start looking at the insurance plans offered by different insurance companies. Massachusetts has about 81 insurance companies. 

You should always get insurance quotes in writing. Ask insurance companies about discounts and benefits, and how you can become eligible to avail them. Ensure that all the perks are reflected in your quote. 

Here are some discounts that our insurance advisors in Indian Orchard, MA can get for you. 

Apply for Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan (MAIP)

When you’ve explored your options and are ready to start your auto insurance process, reach out to the insurance company of your choice at your earliest. However, if an insurance company refuses to insure you, you become eligible to apply for MAIP

You can consult an insurance agent who can help you fill out an application for the Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan. Under this process, you will be randomly assigned an insurance company that will begin the car insurance process.

We, at Western Mass Insurance, aim to provide you with affordable auto and home insurance. Our Insurance Advisors in Indian Orchard ensure you get the best plan to ensure your property’s safety. Contact us here

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