A Car Insurance Guide For Disabled Drivers

Disabled drivers face an uphill battle when finding car insurance and affording coverage. Many companies will outright deny claims from disabled drivers. They’re often discriminated against in the auto insurance industry even though the Americans of Disability Act (ADA) prohibits insurance providers from charging higher premium rates for disabled drivers.

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It’s not uncommon for the disabled to pay 50% or more in additional premiums on top of what everyone else pays. However, the good news is that with the right kind of help, you can find the right car insurance.

If you’re disabled and looking to get car insurance or lower your rates, these tips will help make sure you get the coverage you deserve at an affordable price.

Available Coverage For Disabled Drivers

Insurance agents recommend that disabled drivers opt for mobility auto insurance and roadside assistance coverage. This provides accommodation for an individual’s disability and protects them if they encounter an accident or if their vehicle is damaged during an accident.

Regular auto insurance usually covers the following:

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage pay for a damaged vehicle.
  • Personal liability pays out for damages or causing injury to other drivers on the road.
  • Underinsured and uninsured motorist pays out for personal injury and car damage in an accident where the other driver was underinsured or uninsured.
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Other coverage that a disabled driver might find valuable are:

  • Mobility auto insurance coverage pays out the temporary transportation costs if the disability-adapted car is being repaired or is unavailable for some reason.
  • Special or adaptation equipment coverage covers the damage to any custom parts installed to make the vehicle more adaptable. Confirm with your insurance provider that your auto insurance policy covers equipment that might not be attached to your car. This can include a motorized scooter, walker, or wheelchair.
  • Roadside assistance is the type of coverage that offers immediate pickup, roadside assistance, and towing services.

Adaptations For Disabled Drivers

Disabled drivers face unique challenges on their way to independence. Luckily, car modifications can help disabled drivers navigate an unfamiliar road much more quickly. Listed below are nine adaptations for disabled drivers that may be right for you if you’ve recently been diagnosed with a disability.

  • Auto-Theft Alarms: Auto theft alarms will go off when someone tries to break into your car.
  • Emergency Flashers: An emergency flasher is designed to let other vehicles know you need assistance.
  • Hand Controls: Hand controls allow you to control your gas pedal and brake from your steering wheel or from underneath your dashboard
  • Pedal extenders: These are helpful for individuals who have short stature or those who’ve lost a limb.
  • Transfer seats: These seats help make moving into the driver’s seat easier for people who use a wheelchair regularly.
  • Spare Tire Mounts: Spare tire mounts allow you to place a spare tire in your trunk, so it’s easier to change it out when needed.
  • Steering wheel knobs: These give you greater control over the steering wheel and help you turn the tires more easily.
  • Direction indicators within finger range: These are helpful because you can use them without fully letting go of the steering wheel.  
  • Emergency brake extenders: These are a lifesaver for individuals dealing with paralysis or spinal cord injury who find it difficult to reach the brakes.

These are just some of the many adaptations available for disabled drivers, but they’re some of the most important ones. Adaptations like these will make driving safer and more accessible for everyone involved.

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How Can You Get Inexpensive Car Insurance As A Disabled Driver?

Having a disability can be an expensive undertaking. Finding insurance that doesn’t cost thousands of pounds is vital if you’re already struggling to cover your living costs and medical bills. But don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to cut your car insurance premiums, ensuring you get just as much protection for less money.

Here are five tips for reducing your annual auto insurance bill with ease.

  1. Be honest about your condition: It may not seem like it, but honesty is the best policy for getting less expensive car insurance. Many insurance providers will ask you whether or not you have any pre-existing conditions when taking out a new policy – so telling them about anything from asthma to arthritis could save you hundreds in annual payments. However, if you have something like cancer or heart disease, it’s worth looking into specialist policies that offer enhanced coverage – although these will come at a higher price too!
  2. Shop around for quotes: As with any other form of insurance, shopping around for inexpensive car quotes online is always a good idea. By comparing prices between different providers, you can ensure that you’re getting great value for money without compromising quality.
  3. Check what kind of driver discount they offer: Some car insurance companies will reward safe drivers by offering them discounts on their monthly premium payments. This can be a great way to save money if you haven’t had any accidents or tickets, so check with your insurance provider before committing yourself!
  4. Consider insuring more than one vehicle: You might think that insuring two cars would mean paying twice as much every month, but most insurance firms will give you a multi-vehicle discount if you insure two or more vehicles under one policy. If you own several cars (or motorcycles), doing so can help keep your monthly payments down to almost nothing.
  5. Opt for urge-based or telematics auto insurance: These insurance use the data that your vehicle generates and set premium rates based on your driving history and habits.
  6. Don’t forget about special offers: Don’t forget to take advantage of special offers and deals when signing up for new car insurance. Many insurance providers run seasonal promotions that reduce their standard rates across all products – so make sure you look out for those deals when signing up!
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Safety Risks For Drivers With Disabilities

Despite proper precautions, drivers with disabilities can be at risk for accidents due to road conditions. This can lead to higher insurance premiums and claims, especially if their auto policies do not cover them.

If you’re dealing with epilepsy, there’s a chance that your insurance provider will increase the premium rates. Because with epilepsy, you’re a constant danger to yourself and others on the road. Your physician might contact DMV to inform them about your condition. And they might even limit your driving hours during the daylight.

In most cases, you won’t need medical approval to get back on the road with your disability, but there are a few exceptions to that rule.

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