A Brief Overview Of What OD Car Insurance Is And How It Works

There are many other ways your vehicle can get damaged other than collisions. For example,  extremely high temperatures can cause car damage by heating the car battery, causing fires and engine damage. An Own Damage auto insurance policy can help individuals recover from financial losses when they are not at fault.

In this post, we will discuss what Own Damage insurance is, how it works, what it includes, and some important FAQs before you sign up for the policy.

Let’s look at what OD insurance is.

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What is OD Car Insurance?

An independent Own Damage Auto Insurance plan is meant to protect policyholders from losses suffered by the car. You can protect your car against damage caused by reasons other than head-on collisions or accidents involving other vehicles. Typically, OD insurance covers the following damages:

1. Theft, Burglary, or Housebreaking

If your car suffers damage due to a house break-in or a theft, your OD insurance will be able to cover your vehicle’s repair costs. This standalone OD will also bear the complete loss if your car has been stolen as part of a burglary attempt.

2. Fire, Implosions, Lightning, Explosions, and Self-Ignition

House fires or lightning incidents that result in damaged care are covered under an OD insurance policy. Because these incidents were unpredictable, the OD policy grants your claim after carrying out an investigation.

3. External Damages

Unexpected or sudden damage to the car resulting from a collision with any object or structure is also covered by your OD insurance.

4. Landslides, Earthquakes, or Rockslides

If rocks, stones, or debris from natural disasters like landslides, earthquakes, or rockslides damage your car, your OD insurance will take care of your financial loss.

5. Vehicle Transit By Road, Inland Waterways, Rail, or Air

If transporting your vehicle causes damages such as scratches, dents, or bumps, you can get in touch with your OD insurance agent to receive compensation for the repairs. Such cases are common as dropping temperatures or uneven roads may cause the vehicle’s carrier to become turbulent, causing minor to major damages.

A car's exterior damaged by a hail storm

The Importance Of OD Insurance

An OD auto insurance is important because it goes one step ahead to care for your vehicle. While regular vehicle insurances leave out many possible causes of damage to your car, an OD makes sure you are covered all the way.

Along with third-party car insurance, you must subscribe to OD insurance as well for the extra layer of protection. Often, you can also extend your policy to enhance your OD policy coverage. With Own Damage coverage, the insurance provider bears all the expenses of damages or even the loss of a car without you having to worry about anything at all!

Now that we know what an OD exactly is and why it is important let’s take a look at the various situations it covers for its clients.

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What an OD Insurance Covers

1. Accidents

Any accidents or collisions leading to car damage will be taken care of by your OD insurance provider.

2. Theft

Even if you lose your vehicle completely during a theft or burglary, OD insurance will take care of it. You can leave behind your financial burdens other than your stolen car till it is replaced.

3. Personal accident

If you have gotten into an accident and seek medical services and an ER, the OD policy will cover your expenses.

4. Damage By Other People  

Vehicle damage caused by economical tensions, such as vandalism and riots, is all covered by a good OD policymaker.

5. Fire and explosions

If your car has sustained any damage due to a fire in the area it was parked, OD insurance will cover the financial loss you might have to bear because of it.

Car windshield damaged by natural causes

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some FAQs regarding OD insurance.

1. Does a Comprehensive insurance plan cover your Own Damage insurance?

Comprehensive insurance typically comes with OD coverage as part of the package. In any case, you receive financial protection from accidents, vehicle damage, or destruction from natural disasters. This bundle coverage also insures you against theft or loss of a vehicle.

2. Is it important to get OD insurance?

It is not necessary by law to cover yourself with OD insurance. Most insurance agents and insurance companies will highly recommend OD coverage to protect yourself from losses due to accidental damages.

3. Which automobile insurance is the most practical?

Even though third-party insurance is required, vehicles also need to subscribe for their own damage (OD) coverage. A comprehensive plan includes both third-party and OD insurance in conjunction. Therefore, comprehensive insurance is thought to be the best choice as it also provides the basic function of OD insurance.

4. Can OD be separately purchased for my car?

Own Damage (OD) insurance isn’t sold independently. Most auto insurance companies bundle it with other auto insurance, like comprehensive insurance, as OD doesn’t offer third-party liability insurance.

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