4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Car

It’s exciting to buy a new car. You can’t wait to drive it around and get a feel of the vehicle! While driving your new car for the first time sounds fun, a lot of thought goes into the buying process. If you’re thinking of getting a new car, this blog will help you steer your decision in the right direction. 

Get Auto Insurance Right Away

Buying a car is an investment. At Western Mass Auto Insurance, we help you save money on your new investment. A new car means higher costs and more bills. That’s why, when you get insurance on more than one car, we offer significant discounts on your insurance premiums. It doesn’t matter if your new car is brand new or used; you’ll have significant savings if you insure it. 

Interest Rate

It may sound odd, but getting a new car will give you lower interest rates as compared to buying a used car. Statistics indicate that people with credit scores in the range of 661 and 780, get 3.59 percent interest rate on new vehicles and 5.12 percent on used. People within the range of 781 and 850 get the most attractive interest rate of 2.6 percent on new cars and 3.4 percent on used ones.

Depreciation Price

Depreciation can be demotivating if you buy a new car. The price of the new vehicle steeply drops after you’ve owned a brand-new car for a year. During the second year, you’ll experience another drop in the prices. Therefore, we suggest that it’s wise to purchase a car that’s three models behind the year you’re buying.

You must consider the car’s warranty. Many new cars have a factory warranty which can guarantee to fix some mechanical problems if they arise within the time of warranty. You can use this protection to keep your car maintained (until it has reached a particular mileage)

Tax and Registration Cost

In many states across the US, plating and registration fees for new vehicles can be high when compared to used and older model cars. It can be an added cost of purchasing a vehicle. If you’re buying a luxury car or a large vehicle, you’ll have to pay even more.

Register Your Car in Indian Orchard

If you’re looking for low-cost and quick vehicle plating and registration, contact Western Mass Auto Insurance. Our auto insurance agents in Indian Orchard can help you get your license plate within 15 minutes and help you find the best policy for coverage quickly. You can also download our smartphone application and make the process quicker. 

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