3 Ways Home Insurance Covers More Than Just Your Home

Homeowners insurance is an expected purchase right after you get your home. Reports show that 95% of homeowners have a valid homeowners insurance plan. However, not many of them know the full scope of what that plan entails.

Sure, your home will be covered in case there’s bad weather and for any accidents that happen when you’re renovating. However, there’s so much more to homeowners insurance. Here are three types of damage you never thought home insurance would cover:

Pet-Related Injuries

Do you have an easily startled dog who keeps barking at your neighbors? While you should keep a close eye on them, homeowners insurance will step in to help if your dog ends up biting a passerby!

It’s very common for liability coverage to cover dog-related incidents as well. And with increasing cases of dog bites in the US, you might want to read up on the policy and take your insurance company up on the offer!

Rotten Food

Women looking for food in the fridge.

A broken fridge is a major problem, especially if all the food is rotting inside! But did you know that your insurance company will most probably cover any food-related losses?

Most home insurance policies cover the cost of broken appliances and extend to food that goes bad because of it. Of course, homeowner’s can pay more to cover even more problems caused by a broken refrigerator, but your insurance company will most likely pay up to $500 for food loss.

Space Debris

If the dinosaur whose property the meteor landed on billions of years ago had home insurance, they would have been heavily reimbursed! Okay, we’re only joking, but your home insurance probably covers damage from space debris!

If a meteor, asteroid, or satellite ever falls on your property and you live to tell the tale, your insurance company will be liable for any damages. However, insurance companies don’t judge how high above the sky the object was before it fell. They will even cover a tree branch falling on your home! But it’s good to know that you’re safe even during a worst-case scenario.

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