3 Reasons You Need Auto Insurance For Emergency Situations

When you sit behind the wheel, it’s not just your life and car that you need to take care of. You’re also responsible for the life and property of others on the road.

Despite that, about 13 percent of Americans—every 1 in 8 people—drive without auto insurance. These statistics were a big jump from 2010 to 2015, and are expected to have gone even higher!

The sad reality is that you won’t realize the importance of insurance until you experience an unfortunate. And it might be too late then! Reliable insurance coverage can protect your car, your income and your livelihood.

Don’t wait until an emergency situation arises. If you’re on the fence about getting your car insured, here’s what you need to know.

Save For Future

The National Highway Traffic Administration confirmed that a car accident happens every 60 seconds in the US. This is equal to approximately 5.25 million road accidents occurring each year.

With the chances of getting in an accident this high, it’s not wise to drive your car without insurance. Every time you turn the keys in the ignition, you’re risking losing digits from your bank balance. The average cost of property damage resulting from a car accident rounds up to about $3,493.

It’s not easy to part with such a significant chunk of money every time you get in an accident. Having an insurance plan will help ease financial stress and lower the risk of losing your savings in an emergency situation.

Save Time and Inconvenience

Being in an accident is traumatic enough. You don’t want to go through the post-accident stress to figure out ways to fund your car repairs. Having an insurance service back you up at times like these can be a relief.

The insurance experts will walk you through the process and get your claim settled fair and square. Your car will be repaired at a reliable auto shop and reach you when it’s done. All you have to worry about is calling your insurance provider when you hit a proverbial bump in the road.

Supplement Health Insurance

As discussed earlier, car accidents can be as damaging for your mental health as they are for your bank account, if you don’t have an insurance plan. If you’ve sustained injuries from the accident, your health insurance may not be sufficient enough to cover all medical bills. That’s when car insurance plans can supplement health coverage and pay for physical or dental injuries, nursing care, or even funeral costs.

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