3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Car Insurance

Your car is an asset that is calculated in your net worth. You probably use your vehicle daily, which is why you need to purchase auto insurance. It offers financial protection, safeguards you from bearing costs of repairing, and protects the drivers and the passengers in case of accidents. In some states, collision and comprehensive coverage are a requirement from the leasing agent of your vehicle.  

Now that you know how important it is, here are 3 mistakes that you should avoid when buying auto insurance to make the most of it: 

Mistake 1: Purchasing the bare minimum coverage

Many a time, you may purchase a minimalist coverage, thinking you’re an expert driver who can very well avoid car accidents, to spare yourself some money. You must know that minimum coverage doesn’t cover you in case of most accidents, especially when you hit a luxury car or severely damage your vehicle. A fully covered auto insurance policy may not feel all that pocket-friendly, but it’s well worth the price.  

Mistake 2: Lying about the driving history of your vehicle

More often than not, vehicle owners give their insurance companies incorrect information regarding their driving history. But you could end up in a tremendous amount of trouble if they take the vehicle for a test run. With that being said, honesty is, in fact, the best policy—so inform your insurance adviser with all that you know about your vehicle. 

Mistake 3: Being unaware of deductibles

Deductibles and monthly premiums share an indirectly proportional relationship. There are two scenarios you must take into consideration before concluding what deductible is right for you:

  1. If you are of the opinion that you’re a responsible driver with little to no chances of winding up in an accident, aim for high deductibles so you’ll have to spend lesser on any monthly premium. The insurance company offers lesser coverage on the claims you make. 
  2. If you’re a relatively new driver who’s prone to wind up in an accident, aim for low deductibles with higher monthly premiums. This way, you’ll be charged lesser if you have to make any claims.  

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